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Hahoe village is located at hahoe-ri, pungchon-myon, Andong.
This is the folk village you can  feel the style of living of korean  ancestors and is the ancient noblemen's houses well preserved. This has been  the village  of Pungsan Ryu  for over  600 years. And  about 1,600,000 pyong around hahoe village has been designated the cultural properties protect ion area.  

The scenary of the village is quite unique. The Naktong River flows around the village.  so you can see the beautiful white sands and thick old pine forest. There are 18 items  of culturalassets-Chunghyodong (treasure),  Pyongsansowan(historic site) Hahoe Mask Dance Drama(important  intangible cultural property) and 10  items of important Folk materials.


Hahoe Mask Museum is exhibited all kinds of  korea masks such as KangReung Mask, Bongsna mask in Hwanghaedo, Sandaenori in seoul, yareu mask in kyongsangdo, Hahoe mask in  Andong, etc  and about  other 30  countries masks  such as  Mexico, Africa,Indonesia, New Zealand, etc. They are madenaturally. so they convey the  expression of joyful and pleasant feelingsand of the angry and grievous emotions.