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Mt. Kaya   is one  of  the  beautiful 8  places in  korea.  The  highest peak   is the Sang WangBong, 1,430m high sea level. From the ridge  to Haeinsa Temple contains the Trip itaka Korea na -4km distance is truly beautiful spot. The shape of Mt. Kaya looks like a horn of bull. As HongReudong valley(red stream) is
taken color by the flowers in spring and the maple in autumn. so it is the best time to visit here in spring and autumn.


Haein Temple is situated on the foothills of Mt.kaya. It was  built in  the 3th  year of  king Haejang,  Shilla Dynasty(A.D802).  This is  the famous place to  have the  Tripitaka Koreana(80,000  wooden print ing blocks) as  39th national treasure. The main purpose to make it is to save the country during the  Mongol invasion. so all people believed Buddha would  help them and  get the national  solidarity and get over this crisis. so It took 16 years  to finish it under the belief.(from the 23th year of king GoJong, Koryo Dynasty to the 38th year)
Jankeungpango is   the place   of it  taken.  This  building was   designed to control temperature, ventilation, humidity. so that the blocks would be better preserved.
Tripitaka Koreana is appointed to world Heritage List by the UNESCO. It is the most complete and remarkable world-widly esteemed heritage.