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Kyoungju is  the most  historical site  in the  world and  the place  lives the  splendid culture of the millennium, Shilla Dynasty.  It contains total about 200 cultural  assets-35 treasures, 65  historic relics,   5 places of  historic  interest, 3  natural monuments,   68
cultural assets.   so Kyoungju  is  called  the museum   without walls   and UNESCO appointed kyoungju cultural relic city of the world.

Bulguksa had built in the 15th year of 23rd king Pophung. It was reset to work  by the
prime minister Kim  Daesung. After 17  years construction, It  was rebuilt  in the 10th
year of 36th king Hyegong (A.D 774)DaeWongchun, Guklakchun, Birochun are main buildings in Bulguksa. When you enter  the Daewongchun,  the spirit of  Bulguksa, the  highest reach  of art, Sokgatop and Dabotop attract your sight.


It is located  at 8km  distance on  the ridge  of the  mountain Toham. Sukguram  was constructed at the 10th year of king Kyongduk(A.D751) under the name of Sukbulsa by the prime minister, Kim daesung as a part of the building of Bulguksa. The straight and curve line, level and round shape make the harmony each other. The main hall beyond the small antechamber is  round and the ceiling is domed. within the rotunda sits a dignified Buddha, 3,48m high, carved in granite and facing the east.