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Dalsong park is the oldest park in Daegu.The name of  Dalsong park was  originated from the  ancient fortress name  of Daegu,
Dalsong. The most popular place in this park is the zoo which was opened in 1970. There are a lot of animal families such as elephants, lions, monkeys, fur seals, etc.
When you enter,  you can  see the  well-trimmed grass  gardens, various  flowers and some original korean trees  which are raised  and arranged well. you  can also see  the several monuments about the people  represented Daegu such as  choi JaeWoo's statue,nationalist poet-Lee   Sanghwa's monument   inscribed with a poem,  Comprehensive
Culture Hall and Kwanpungru Pavilion.


Mt. Apsan park is the most familiar natural resort area for the citizens. It has clean air and green   forest. It  is  well equipped   with various  resort  facilities-body  building equipment...
Mt. Apsan is well known for 8 valleys and about 20 mineral springs.

you can get on  the cable cars  and enjoy the beautiful  scenary of the  mountain. The observation platform of the top  terminal, the whole panorama  of Daegu city come into your sight.



Mt. palgong is situated in the north eastern region of Daegu and the  highest peak of it
is 1,192m high above sea level and the total are occupied 122.08km sup 2 The shape of the mountain looks like a great eagle.
The main peak, birobong peak, spreads its powerful wings to the East and to the West.
The total length of mountain ridges reaches 20km.




Donghawasa was built in 493 by the monk kukdal whasang the  period of king, Sogi of Shilla kingdom and rebuilt in the 7th years of kingHeungDuk (A.D832)It contains a Rock-cut  seated Buddha  image(Treasure   No 243),   seated  stone vairocana(Treasure No 244) in piro-am peak,  and three story stone pagoda(treasure No 247) The temple  was used  as the  headquarters of  the monk  troops who  fought against japanese invasion.



Pagyesa is well known for the beautiful  valley which has the 9 streams. Pagye  means
blocking the stream and therefore reserving the water.

It is the name of the seated stone Buddha with a head hat,  the height of it is 4m, and is located at the top of the kwanbong peak. There is a folk tale which he hears at least one which of a  prayer.  so whenever  the season of  the entrance exem or  any other important matter, many people gather and pray for their wishes. And so on Palgong sky line(cable cars) show you  the beautiful view of Mt. palgong  and you can smell the clean air of  the nature. If you take  the palgong circular road, you  can meet the best driver courses.


The beautiful Sungdang pond which has a fountain and many trees, the Culture and Art
Hall of Daegu which  has public performance  stages, open-air performance spaces  and
exhibition  halls.  you  can  see  so  many  youngsters  enjoying  bicycle,  rollerskate, skateboard in the square beside sungdang pond.  Daegu Tower(202m)which was built on 1992 is the proud of the can see a panorama view of the Daegu at the top of tower. Woobang Tower Land is the most representative amusement park in Daegu. It has snow-covered sledging site and a lot of recreations.